29 mai 2019 : Conférence de Christopher Atwood – Paris, CEMS

Nous accueillerons Christopher Atwood le mercredi 29 mai
de 14-16h
au Centre d’Études Mongoles et Sibériennes
54, boulevard Raspail
Salle P1-01/B1-10, 1er étage

Professeur à l’Université de Pennsylvanie, spécialiste de l’histoire et de l’anthropologie de la Mongolie, il donnera une conférence intitulée : “Partners in Profit: Empires, Merchants, and Local Governments in the Mongol Empire and Qing Mongolia”  

Orto’ud, or business partners, were an essential part of the Mongol conquests and rule. But the word has disappeared in Mongolian today, replaced by a Chinese loan word tünš. Even when the word orto’ud “partners” appears in classical Mongolian sources, editors have not recognized it. What happened to this key word in the history of Mongolian “war capitalism”? And when and where did its Chinese replacement, tünš –which originally meant “interpreter”– come to mean “business partner”? Professor Atwood will use little known Uyghur-Mongolian texts and documents to shed light on the orto’ud “partners” from the heyday of the Mongol empire in the thirteenth and fourteenth century, to their decline, and to the strange rebirth of the institution –if not the name– during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries rule of China’s Manchu Qing rulers over Mongolia.

Christopher Atwood sera invité de l’EHESS (54 Bd Raspail, Paris, salle AS1-08, sous-sol) et interviendra dans le séminaire d’Etienne de la Vaissière :
– vendredi 17 mai, 13h-15h: “Population Mobilization in Early Mongol Conquests”  
– vendredi 7 juin,  13h-15h: “The Environmental Geography of Mongol China” 
– vendredi 14 juin,  13h-15h: “Empire of Cotton, Empire of the Mongols” 

Nous espérons vous retrouver nombreux!
Isabelle Charleux, Grégory Delaplace, Sandrine Ruhlmann & Virginie Vaté